latex masks halloween
The first step in creating a latex rubber mask is to create the sculpture first. You should have an armature of a head shape you can make out of a styrofoam head or wire and wrap it in tin foil. For more advanced users or if you want to get into sculpting more you can buy a lifecast armature of a head.

Latex Masks Halloween

latex masks halloween

Masks made of latex are very popular around Halloween, they can be a fantastic finishing touch to a costume. They are usually made from synthetic latex rubber, though some of the masks can be made from other materials such as silicone rubber or vinyl. Nowadays they are used widely as special effects in movies to make a certain idea or look seem completely realistic. Eerily so sometimes!
latex masks halloween
This year you and your family can choose a collection of Halloween Masks sure to be a hit at any Halloween party or event! There's something here for just about everyone.

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latex masks halloween

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